Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dear Parents:

How would you like to receive 2 FREE MONTHS towards your current karate membership? “Absolutely!” you’d say. “That’s a $330.00 savings for me and my family. What do I have to do?”

Join our Double Your Dollars Sweepstakes and start saving today. Refer your friends to karate and for every person that joins you will receive 1 FREE MONTH towards your current membership. You are “doubling” your savings – instead of 2 weeks, you get 4 weeks – sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Every dime counts in these economic times. Think about the excitement of adding a couple of hundred dollars to your pocket. Think of all the wonderful things you can do with the money you save. Think about the smile on your spouse’s face when you take them to dinner at a prestigious restaurant, and the laughter in your child’s eyes when you know you can afford a toy they’ve been asking about.

Int’l Karate and Fitness Center makes it easy for you. Start saving right now by:
1.Providing us with your friend’s name and their phone number.
2.Their child’s name and age (optional).

We will show the same courtesy and respect to our prospective clients as we have shown you.

1.The Double Your Dollars sweepstakes runs from February 8, 2010 to February 28, 2010.
2.You must be a current paying student (or a parents) of Int’l Karate and Fitness Center.
3.Any referral(s) made prior to February 8, 2010, or after February 28, 2010 is/are not eligible for the sweepstakes.
4.Maximum of 2 referrals per household (Int’l Karate and Fitness Center allows a maximum of 2 FREE MONTHS for the first 2 referrals). For every subsequent referral (3rd, 4th, 5th, etc), the members receive the standard 2 free weeks ($82.50) towards their current membership.
5.The prospective client must become a member of Int’l Karate and Fitness Center by enrolling in at least one of the programs offered by the academy.

What’s good holding on to treasure if you cannot share it with the rest of humanity. Give a precious jewel to your friends today by recommending us as your No. 1 martial arts facility.

As a special bonus for the first 5 people who enroll in the sweepstakes, Int’l Karate and Fitness center will provide a $25.00 gift certificate that can be used to purchase t-shirts, kid-kick merchandise, and other equipment used at the academy.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A unique family workout on Valentine's Day

Cardio by Cupid -

Hey karate kids, do you love to have fun? "Of course," you'd answer, "who doesn't?" Everyone enjoys laughter, smiles and friendships. And how about your parents? Have you asked them lately about what makes them smile and radiate happiness? Take a moment right now to tell your parents how much you love and appreciate them. Open the dinner conversation with something positive that happened in school, on the playground, and at your karate center. Offer to help set the family table and volunteer to wash the dishes after the meal. Let your parents know that they can count on you to complete your daily chores. It's the little things that make the biggest impressions and long lasting smiles.

Next, invite your parents to our Cardio by Cupid kickboxing workout. It's a fun and energizing exercise routine which both your mom and dad are going to love! Do you remember Sensei Anistratov? That inspiring and exciting man in the office that brings light and encouragement to all his students. Well, guess what? He's going to work with your parents for 45 minutes and put a big smile on their face. Guys, do you remember rule no. 1? It's to always smile, think positive thoughts, and feel confident in life. Your parents will sweat, smile, and learn. This is a unique way to spend Valentine's Day with the people/person you love. And the best part is it's free.

Due to the high interest in the event we ask that you RSVP by Friday, February 12th. To make sure we have available space please email us at intlkaratecenter@verizon.net, or call (718)544-4698, (347)724-5875. Let us know how many people will be attending with you. This is an open event and you are encouraged to invite your friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and everyone in your email address book.

Attire should involve workout clothes; such as, a t-shirt and cotton pants. Parents may use the academy's dressing facility to change into their training clothes.

Friday, January 8, 2010

January 10th at 2:15pm
Explosive Nerf Gun Party

Invite your friends and
join your teammates
in a strategic nerf
gun battle.

Bring your own weapons and ammo.
Info: (718)544-4698

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

International Karate Center
Invites you to our 6th annual Leadership
Sunday, August 30, 2009
2:30pm – 4:00pm.

International Karate Center is committed to the advancement of personal responsibility and social consciousness in the Queens community. Our black belt instructors instill the qualities of discipline, focus, and respect in all of our students. Join us for a day of relay races, punchathons/kickathons, and educational seminars for adults and children. Here’s the best part, it’s FREE!!

Before your child starts the academic year, learn to:

§ Defeat Bullies The Smart Way
§ Child Abduction Prevention Seminar
§ Child Safety and Awareness
§ 3 techniques every woman should know in a physical confrontation

RSVP by August 28, 2009
(718)544-4698, or (347)724-5875

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Basic Student's Graduation, March 15th 2009


Basic students going up for belt promotion.
Bring as many friends as you can to witness
your great performance.
Video Game Party, March 8th 2009

Start time 2:15pm

Join us for an exciting Video Game Party.

Bring a friend or two and they will have a

chance to win 2 months Free at IKC.